Terms and conditions


When you book a trip at Olympia Travel B.V. you will receive an invoice by e-mail to confirm your reservation. This invoice will clearly describe what you have booked. Carefully check whether this information corresponds with your reservation (start dates, names, etc.).

The invoice amount is broken down into a deposit and a remaining payment. The deposit is the basic trip amount plus surcharges for the trip or package. The premiums of the concluded insurances, as well as the reservation costs and calamity fund costs must be paid in full and at the same time as the deposit.

The following payment conditions apply to booking a trip at Olympia Travel B.V.:

  • The down payment must be paid within 7 workdays after the invoice date.
  • The down payment will be 35% of the trip amount.

The remaining amount must be paid no later than 40 days before the start date of the trip or package.

The entire invoice amount must be paid immediately for reservations made within 40 days before the start date.

Changing your reservation

If you want to make any changes after your reservation has been confirmed and you have received an invoice, € 30 in change costs + any additional cost (depending on the change) will be charged and you will receive a new confirmation/invoice.

Cancelling your reservation

If an agreement is cancelled, the traveler will owe the following cancellation costs, in addition to any due reservation costs and the cancellation insurance premium:

  1. In case of cancellation up to the 40th day (excluding) before the start date: the down payment of 35%
  2. In case of cancellation after the 40th day (including) up to the start date: the full amount.

Quality control

Despite all the care and attention paid by Olympia Travel B.V. to its trips, it may not (fully) meet your expectations. It is important that you first share your complaint with the driver, travel guide and/or hotel operator and discuss it with them to ensure a solution can be found at the location (during the holiday). It is important that you fill out a complaints form together with the involved parties.

If your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, it must be sent to Olympia Travel B.V. in writing with substantiation by e-mail or regular mail within two months of the end of the trip. Complaints mentioned in the survey review system will not be accepted as complaints, as well as any complaints made through social media.

If a complaint is not submitted on time and in accordance with the above conditions, it will not be accepted unless you (the traveler) cannot reasonably be held responsible for this. Olympia Travel B.V. will inform you in writing of this.

Olympia Travel B.V. will confirm its reception of your complaint and will provide a written and substantive response within one month after receiving the complaint.


In order to meet its statutory obligation to provide a guarantee, Olympia Travel B.V. uses STO Garant for all travel packages. Please find more information about this on our website http://www.olympiatravel.eu/travel_guarentee_fund.php.