Exclusive travel services to many destinations

Established in 2017, we offer our own products, specially tailored to your individual preferences.




Welcome to Olympia Travel


Olympia Travel is a Travel Agency specialized in creating exclusive Travel, Leisure, Products and Value Services offers, for B2B partners at an International level.




We offer our products and services in the following destinations: Germany, Turkey, Emirates, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Romania, France, UK and Israël.


Olympia Travel has been established in 2017 and starting this year to offer her products and services in the following countries: UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Turkey.

Product and Services

We have different own-products created with the best prices and market conditions to satisfy all customers and users. Olympia Travel is supported by an established network of European travel agencies.

About us

Actually, it isn't about us. It's about listening to what you want. And then creating an individual holiday just for you! 




We offer efficient services with tangible benefits

Olympia Travel is dedicated to providing the very best tailor-made holidays across the world. Start planning your perfect trip with us now.